5 Most Famous Country Music Movies



Country music usually brings out the best of actors or actresses, with plenty of them winning Oscars for their performances in movies adapted from the lives of fictional country celebrities or real legends. The combination of cowboy hats, guitar playing, square dancing, and perfect voices can last great impressions on any audience. We’ve rounded up here a list of the most famous country music movies. Keep reading and choose a great option for your weekend.

1. Coal Miner’s Daughter – 1980

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This is undoubtedly one of the all-time greatest movies centered around the world of country music. First released in 1980, “Coal Miner’s Daughter is the story about Loretta Lynn and her rise to fortune and fame as a singer from poverty. The movie had an all-star cast, including Tommy Lee and Sissy Spacek, and was critically praised for its powerful and perfect script. This classic work was nominated for 7 Academy Awards, notably the best actress and the best picture.

2. Walk The Line – 2005

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“Walk The Line” is one of the top choices for many people in their favorites lists. The movie was released first in 2015 and starred Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. At the time of premier, it quickly gained widespread recognition and critical acclaim all over the world. Audiences enjoy the story of Jonny and June’s relationships and the journey to fame of Jonny. The Academy had nominated 5 Oscars for the movie, including the best actress and the best actor.

3. Crazy Heart – 2009

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According to CountryThangDaily.com The country music movie “Crazy Heart” precisely shows off the best things about Jeff Bridges. It is centered around the character of Jeff, a country singer called Otis Blake, and his journey to redemption after starting a relationship with a beautiful journalist starring Maggie Gyllenhaal. Based on a prominent novel, “Crazy Heart” was quickly acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, earning nearly $50 million all over the world. The movie also gave Jeff Bridges the first Oscar in his career for the best actor. For these reasons, this is certainly a must-watch movie for those whole love country music!

4. Broken Bridges – 2006

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Critics might haven’t enjoyed “Broken Bridges,” but most audiences might love it! This 2006 movie is a story of a fading singer who comes back to his hometown for the funeral of his brother and reunites with his daughter and childhood sweetheart. Starring Burt Reynolds, Kelly Preston, and Toby Keith, the drama truly touches everyone’s heartstrings. Though the drama was universally censured, it still performed well in the box office and earned more than $34 million with a budget of only $11 million.

5. Nashville – 1975

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“Nashville” is a super satirical and fun musical comedy that can help you relax with family on a peaceful night. The 1975 classic is all about the business of gospel and country music, along with all politicians and singers involved in the industry in Nashville, Tennessee. With more than 20 main characters, multiple storylines, and 60 minutes of musical numbers, today’s audiences might take a little time to get used to the movie. However, it is a masterpiece that was critically acclaimed by many prestigious experts.

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