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There always has been something beautiful about the documentary styles when its about plants, flowers or gardening. There is an educational love for all things that are connected with the garden. To garden means to continue learning every single day, each plant and each season, and with that, a lot of beautiful documentaries have been born.

If you are interested in learning and want to know about the top documentaries about flowers, make sure you keep reading until the end of our article.

The Gardener

One of the most amazing interview-style documentary revolving completely about gardening. This movie is completely dedicated to the world’s most famous gardener Francis “Frank” Cabot that changed the standards for a garden all around the world. The film focuses on the creation of his amazing home garden in Quebec Quatre Vents as well as the impact he had on the social change in his area, along with the creation of the Garden Conservancy.

The Garden Conservancy is an American nonprofit organization that is solely dedicated to preserving gardens and landscapes. Frank Cabot founded this organization in 1989 and since then has managed to help numerous American gardens to develop organizational structures, funding plans, and preservation strategies. In a lot of cases, the organization takes the lead in transition a garden to a nonprofit and sustainable status. The headquarters of the Garden Conservancy is located in Cold Spring, New York.

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Portrait of a Garden

This movie is probably unlike most documentaries you have seen previously. No overt message or over-explanation in the interviews, the documentary is simply following this amazing 85-year-old gardener working around his garden. This film is in Dutch which honestly adds to the beauty of the documentary.

On a Dutch estate, the 85-year-old gardener and pruning master tends to his espaliers. As they grow and prune, the men chat about the weather, the world, food and share their knowledge about h horticulture. Surrounded everywhere by citrus trees, the orchard, vegetable patches, and the rich grapevines, you will definitely be swept by their dedication, knowledge, and passion that make up the essential requirements of successfully growing a large and rich garden.

Despite the old man’s age, the gardener is still a master at his work and is inexhaustible and driven every single day. As he is worried about the loss of his centuries worth of knowledge, the younger gardener follows him around the garden and tries to embrace as much of his knowledge as possible so he can pass it one day too.

Five Seasons The Gardens of Piet Oudolf

This documentary immerses viewers in Piet Oudolf’s work and takes us in his beautifully abstract sketches, his creative process, his theories on beauty and the ecological connections of his ideas.

In this documentary, a lot of intimate discussions take place through all the four seasons in Oudolf’s own garden and on visits to his most famous public works in the Netherlands and New York, Chicago.


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