Top 10 Best Bitcoin Movies and Documentaries to Watch in 2022



As we all know, BTC and other cryptos are one of the hottest topics in today’s world. There are literally countless websites that can provide you with some crucial information in this field. The origins and overall history of these are not as known as we thought it is. Naturally, before you actually conduct in investing your money in BTC, you need to have a certain level of knowledge about it. Therefore, we are going to provide you with the top ten movies and documentaries about it you can watch in 2022. Without further ado, let us begin.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin – 2014

If you are interested in taking a look at some of the most detailed documentaries about the BTC and all its trivia, be sure to check out “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin”. You are going to be able to take a look at some of the early years of this crypto and all the influences that made it what it is now. The documentary was made by Nicholas Mross, Patrick Lope, and Daniel Mross. The documentary shows all the particularities about this digital currency in different timelines. Some of the people in the movie call this crypto “The largest social-economic experiment ever done”.

Magic Money – 2017

“Magic Money” is one of the best movies you will see on this topic because it talks about the ways cryptos can help the world’s economy that still hasn’t recovered from the 2008’s crisis. At the same time, it talks about the potential changes in the economy after it was made mainstream. We can see some eye-opening things about the whole digital currency concept that will surely make a significant impact on our future. You can be sure that it provides a lot of answers to a wide array of questions.

The Bitcoin Gospel – 2015

According to various lists, the best documentary on BTC is “The Bitcoin Gospel”. The reason is that this one shows this topic in greater detail and talks about many different opinions. For example, this movie asks several questions, like is this one of the biggest schemes of all time or it is a blueprint for the future of the world’s economy. One of the most controversial things presented in this movie is, do we really need banks in the future? Also, it presents solutions for problems in the world. One of the biggest ones that can be fixed by BTC can be seen in

Banking on Bitcoin – 2016

As it is the case with almost all of the documentaries on this topic, “Banking on Bitcoin” shows the origins of this crypto. What separates this one from the crowd is that it shows some of the different opinions about this trend. As its name is saying, we can see the perspective of banking experts who are, naturally, skeptical about the whole concept. You will be able to see all of the things that make BTC and other cryptos a controversial topic for many. The documentary is directed by Christopher Cannucciari and is 1h 23m long.

Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It – 2014

Every person interested in this topic considers “Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It” as a must-see. This is a brilliantly done documentary that will provide you all the essential answers about BTC. Furthermore, it touches the future of money. Some things presented in this movie really happened just a couple of years after it was released, which only adds to the credibility of the movie itself. It was directed by Torsten Hoffman and is an hour-long and it will catch your attention from the first to the last minute.

Bitcoin in Argentina – 2013

One of the most interesting movies we have seen on Bitcoin is “Bitcoin in Argentina”. This one shows how Bitcoin can provide a solution to the high inflation of the Argentinian economy. It goes so far that people even consider replacing Argentinian fiat currency with crypto, more precisely BTC.

The Bitcoin Experiment – 2016

This movie tells the story about implementing cryptos in Scandinavia and the things that come as a result of this decision. It can be said that this one is literally an experiment that provides answers to some of the main questions regarding the overall concept of cryptos and how it will impact our way of life. It was directed by Pal Karleson.

The Bitcoin Story – 2015

A 35-minute long documentary “The Bitcoin Story” will provide you with experts’ opinions about this digital currency and its future. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to see some of the most important things that happened in the history of this cryptocurrency, like its beginnings, struggles, and all the success it managed to achieve over time. The movie is directed by Bhu Srinivasan. You can be sure that it will provide you with all of the crucial information about the father of all digital currencies.

Life on Bitcoin – 2014

One of the best movies on this topic is “Life on Bitcoin”. It provides a perspective from people who completely shifted to cryptos and avoid paying with credit cards and cash. This movie represents a perfect picture of our potential future where we will not have the opportunity to use the payment methods we use today. The storyline follows a couple who try this life out and changes inflicted by this decision.

The Bitcoin Phenomenon – 2014

We have yet another documentary directed by Bhu Srinivasan. “The Bitcoin Phenomenon” focuses on a slightly different perspective when it comes to BTC. It talks about the struggles faced by its creators and their political differences and ideologies behind the project itself. Also, it shines a light on the original ideas of BTC and how its creators imagine it would look like when it becomes a mainstream method of payment. We can see that some of the things that were represented in this movie actually happened after some period of time, especially when it comes to the image we have in front of us.

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