Cryptocurrency: Learning From Practice And Films



Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin – these are some of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, and you’ve probably heard about them somewhere. But, most of us don’t know much about them. However, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are increasingly popular. And what is their future? It seems very perspective. So much so that they were even involved in movies.

What Is Blockchain Technology?

For all those who think cryptocurrencies are a big fraud, there is one strong argument to deter them from this attitude – that is blockchain technology. It is a system of protection that means a data warehouse in smaller, digitally linked databases that store data. This data is related to digital transactions of every kind – starting with ownership sheets, through birth books, and copyright-bearing contracts. Considering that all these databases, ie blocks, are interconnected, such as links in a chain, fraud in such a system is almost impossible!

Cryptocurrencies – Types And Most Famous Currencies

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency. It appeared on the market two years before the next cryptocurrency by name – Namecoin. The success of Bitcoin has led to a massive expansion of this market, and today, thanks to Bitcoin, there are several hundred cryptocurrencies. Ethereum (better known as Ether) is Bitcoin’s biggest rival. It is based on a percentage share of the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies that are also worth mentioning are Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple, etc. Cryptocurrencies are quoted against the US dollar (USD) and the Euro (EUR) – the two currencies that are of the highest importance in the world. Do check for online resource for trading like, it is better to have enough knowledge before trading to avoid unnecessary errors.

New Generation Cryptocurrencies

Looking at the latest generation of cryptocurrencies, Ethereum made the revolution in 2015 with the help of Smart Contracts that can be implemented in any field and speed up the work of any institution that uses it. Admittedly, due to a large number of new cryptocurrencies and applications running on its platform, since its launch to the present day, there has been a congestion of the network and now it is being upgraded. Now, the third generation blockchain is being introduced and the fourth generation is slowly preparing. Therefore, we can expect far faster, more secure and efficient cryptocurrencies in the future. The third generation is far improving the usability, speed and security of all cryptocurrencies that work on it, and the benefits of the fourth generation are yet to be seen.

How Digital Money Works?

The digital money trade has become very popular all over the world in recent years. However, how much do we really know about the cryptocurrency market that will become more and more prevalent in the coming period? Cryptocurrencies exist in digital form. Therefore, cryptocurrency trading works much like it does when it comes to trading with other forms of digital assets. Even the real manifestation of money in its paper form – has no value. It brings value only because a certain group of people or legal entities have agreed that this paper gives the owner certain rights and opportunities that have been agreed by some consensus. When it comes to money – the Central Bank is asking for that consensus. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, this central entity may not exist. Then the rules of trade, price and dynamics, are determined freely – by those involved in the process.

Cryptocurrency Trading

In the meantime, places like stock markets, exchange offices, and platforms have developed. In these places, the supply and demand of cryptocurrencies meet. Due to its decentralization, the ability to trade cryptocurrencies without intermediaries is also available. Transactions involving only cryptocurrencies can be performed more easily and with fewer restrictions than what the financial system has provided us before 2009 and the advent of Bitcoin. There are specialized online exchange markets where digital assets are traded. These are online systems that, through their platform, create a meeting point for the supply and demand of cryptocurrencies for their users.

How To Trade Cryptocurrencies On Modern Platforms?

Each of the users, with a few clicks through their mobile phone or computer, can buy or sell cryptocurrency in a few seconds. Certainly, you should be informed in advance about the platform. One of the parameters that can bring you security is – the time that such a cryptocurrency trading platform exists. Of course, there are also user comments that will always help you determine a reliable trading platform. One of these reliable platforms is Binaryx.

Trading On This Platform

Although it may seem so at first glance – this is not a common cryptocurrency exchange platform. A significant difference and advantage of this platform is the possibility of so-called social trading. This is one of the best-developed platforms, perfectly tailored to users, with a completely simple trading system. This modern platform offers a large number of cryptocurrencies for trading. There are more than 40 currencies available for trading. Among many, you’ll find the most famous ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, etc. What is particularly different from other platforms is the “trader’s marketplace”. In practice, this means that inexperienced buyers in this market can hire more experienced traders to master the trading skills of the cryptocurrency market. They can choose master traders based on their reputation and rating.

Cryptocurrencies On Film

In recent years, the film industry has also recognized the importance of cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is no wonder that cryptocurrencies have played significant roles in some feature films and documentaries. From these films, you can absorb a great deal of knowledge about the very background of the global monetary system but also learn a little bit more about the trading new digital assets. These are some of the movies of our choice that you should watch.

1. Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It (2015)

The 2015 Hit documentary which tells why this cryptocurrency is good, what are its advantages over today’s monetary system, which is – a legal global banking super crime, made with the blessing of all governments, politicians and other puppets of shadow rulers – the bankers!

2. Captain Drakins’ Bitcoin Show (2016)

Bitfilm production is the creator of the new bitcoin show “Captain Drakins“. It is the first TV series to tackle the crypto world. The two main characters are Captain Drakins and his companion Parrot Nick. In each episode, they explain the main topics regarding bitcoin in a humorous and easy way to make it popular with younger audiences. The main goal is for this audience to get to know the practical benefits of this cryptocurrency in everyday life, as well as its potential to reduce the power of banks.

3. Crypto (2019)

Hollywood finally got into the project of making a movie about Bitcoin. An interesting thriller called Crypto has cryptocurrencies and their alleged connection to money laundering in the art world as its central theme. The title role was given to the brilliant Kurt Russell, and director John Stalberg Jr. is pleased with his collaboration with this Hollywood veteran. The Bitcoin industry has been the subject of cinematic content, but mostly in documentary form, and Crypto came as a real refreshment.

In addition to these films, we need to mention some that will be necessary “learning material”, such as “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin”, “I am Satoshi” and “The Bitcoin Experiment”.



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