Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies in Movies



They often say that life imitates art, and movies mostly get the technologies that exist in real life as an inspiration for the screenplay as a starting point. Some will be faithful to the original, while others will be presented in a more different and simplified or updated manner. There are many movies that show us the usage of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and it is a question of how accurate they are in the representation of it on the big screen. There are documentaries and the action movies that these technologies appear, and we will talk about a few down below.


This movie was released back in 2015 when the whole market was still young and started to develop. It follows a teenager named Malcolm who is into computers and all technological advances his struggle to get overhand over his life and existence in the neighborhood that is all but not peaceful as it should be for a teenager. As the story unravels, the main character is invited to the life-changing party that gives him an opportunity to change his life and find himself. The genre of a movie is a crime comedy, and it represents bitcoin as it was back in the day. With the Metascore of seventy-two and the rating of seven point two stars on IMDB, this movie is worth your time.

Unfriended Dark Web

This horror movie touches the cryptocurrency world, and bitcoin, as the main character that is being followed, discovers that the laptop he has purchased is not new and might be stolen. As the story unravels, we can see that the mentioned piece of technology was used to watch no other than the main character, and he is trying to get out of the horror of being watched and followed. In the process, some very big amounts of bitcoins are discovered, and the plot is all around that and how to get out of the whole mess. After this movie, you will probably tape your laptop camera. For a horror movie, it has a good rating, and it is fun to watch it.


Made in 2019, this movie has a title that tells us that it is all about cryptocurrencies. In this movie, the plot is around the usage of the cryptocurrency in fraud and corruption. A banker that is new on the market and is an uprising on Wall Street has got himself into a very complex story about corruption. This starts to affect this life in all spheres, and he needs to get out of the whole mess if he wants to save himself and his reputation. This crime drama shows the usage of cryptocurrencies, and it may or may not be true. It is for you to decide.

If you are eager to get into the crypto world after watching this amazing movie, contains all information on how the cryptocurrencies work. It will help you see how it all works in real life, and if there are differences in the functioning of the coin.

Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet

One of the best-rated documentaries that were released in 2022 is this one. With the rating of nine-point, one star out of ten, it is definitely a must to see it. This is a second documentary by the same director, and it is a sequel to the previous one. In this one, he is once again going through the bitcoin and its usage, as well as how the blockchain, which is essential for the industry, is working. He is trying to answer a very complex and difficult question regarding the technology itself and its possibility to stand alone. In order to get the answer, visit your favorite streaming platform and see it for yourself.

Monero Means Money: Cryptocurrency 101, Live from Leipzig

One of the newest documentaries that talk about the specific cryptocurrency called Monero has been released during 2022, and it provides a very detailed insight into all spheres of the cryptocurrency mentioned, as well as the history of it, tracing it back to the past twelve years. In addition to this, it has a look at bitcoin as well. The cryptocurrencies are seen in the different aspects and how they affect all parts of life and industries, starting from the technological advances, to the economy and impact on the social part of life. With a rating of eight-point four stars, this one is an excellent piece to watch.


A movie that is following bitcoin all the way through and has four main characters with different backgrounds and life events is released back in 2017. As it follows them, the movie is focusing on the impact of bitcoin on the development of society, as well as how they are comprehending the things they experience as they progress in their lives.

Crypto Stew

Lastly, a short movie to keep it all snuggled. This one follows the main character, Stew, who is convinced that he is incredibly good at mining bitcoins. He calls up for a crew to follow him and make a documentary out of his work and follow him in the pursuit of the enormous amounts of bitcoin. As the story unravels, the filmmaker realizes that he has no idea what he is doing.


As you can see, there are many movies and many genres that are using bitcoins and overall cryptocurrency technology in them. We are surprised that there are no more cinematographic revelations that are exploring this vast field and have expected to stumble upon more of them. Some are very true and show how the market really looks like while others are not true to the real thing and show the possibilities and directors’ view on the whole market. Documentaries, on the other hand, try to get the whole story and show how the market and the currency technology work. We hope that now you have more movies to see in your free time and that you will hopefully learn something new.

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