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“Please rewind! I need to see that again”!

You say this is when you realize that it is your favorite scene or hit you. You hit replays and double-takes, watch the scenes on youtube or find for it everywhere.

This happens when a fantastic script or movie comes into the show, and you cannot resist but watch it for like 10 times.
This article is all about rewatched scenes of a movie, which have created a massive impact on the audiences. Be it hilarious, comedy, action, thriller, bloopers, or unique visuals, favorite scenes differ from person to person. When speaking of favors scenes, a lot of people often have their favorite tracks of movies. Some of the tracks can’t be found elsewhere, and that can be a problem if you want to listen to that track sometime.  You can simply convert any video from youtube into an mp3 file. Its great if you want to listen to that song from your favorite scene.

Here are 10 rewatched movie scenes ever!

This pick is based on brilliant action, easter eggs, gaffles of the final cut, and unique visuals.

Sometimes these moments play the leading role in the movie, or they are the reason for the plot twist. In a word, maybe this article is a  “spoiler alert”!

1)  Avengers: Endgame (2019)

The Avenger is one of the most loved movies of all time over the globe.

The Avengers gather and spend most of their time in bringing back their friends by the infinity stones.

However, they do it right, but with Thanos’ entry, things mess up once again, and the audience goes mad. Captain Marvel’s entry is bang on the scene. The movie starts with Captain Marvel holding Thanos in a fistfight.

When Captain America lifted Thors’s hammer, the scene amazed the audiences to infinity.

The excessive amount of jokes and sarcasm of Iron man and Thor goes throughout the movie. This movie has a different fan base as a whole.

2) Police story: (1985)

An evil crime god sends his gang in order to attack Selina.

Ka-Kai(Jackie Chan) goes after her to save her.

Chan has to run over numerous obstructions while chasing the bad boys. It was an action movie.

But then a scene arrives when he has to come down to the ground, and Jackie has to slide down.

This scene takes away the audiences then and there as it contains stunts of a much higher level at that time.

Considering the time, focus, and dedication of Jackie Chan back at that time, he has forced the audience to rewatch the scenes of the action as he had real injuries and wounds to shoot the movie’s whole.

3) Cloverfield (2008)

After New York City suffered a monster attack, footage of New York City before the attack was shown in Cloverfield.

Rob, the movie hero, is seen enjoying his date at Coney Island when a strange black dot seems to zoom into the water.

Although it needed a lot of rewind and zoom for the fans to realize that it was an Easter egg until then, the audiences thought that it was a satellite.

This film had had a lot of arguments.

According to Abrams, the theory of the black dot was the end of the Cloverfield paradox.

However, Abrams and his fans have successfully achieved all the love and attention that the movie deserved, with many rewinds and rewatched scenes.

4) Ready Player One (2018)

To protect the OASIS’s virtual reality world from the innovative online industries by taking over, Parzival creates an army of players in order to prevent them.

The players had customized icon avatars, and this iconic pop culture is why it is liked by so many audiences.

The fighters appearing in front of the camera is the reason why audiences got more excited.

The shoot system, fast camera movements, wide angles, and the child play references have also left it in the list of dozens of watches.

5) Lost in Translation: (2003)

The character’s chemistry has been loved by the audiences when Bob and Charlotte trip to Japan; their friendship creates a spark.

Bob is seen chasing Charlotte in order to bid goodbye.

After a hug, he is seen mumbling into her ears to which only the “okay” could be heard to the audiences all over the street noise. The tears and whispers of their bond have stolen the show. The fans lost it there and with the silent farewell among the two.

6) Scanners (1981)

David Cronenberg is one such man who is known for his ability to leave and shock audiences all the time.

This is a supernatural thriller scene.

Here ConSec is seen explaining the brand new psychic “scanner” agent with a live mind reader’s help.

The volunteer turns out to be such a scanner, which leaves the presenter with a bad headache.

The effects look so realistic that you need to rewatch it several times to understand if its real or fake. The blast and cap off scene intensify the movie and gives it a bonus for appreciating the movie.

7) The Matrix (1999)

The whole of the digital world is assigned to trap humans.

Therefore Morpheus is being kidnapped in order to fight back.

With the entry of Neo and Trinity in the building, they set the whole of the ground floor into a floor of bullets and gymnastics.

The kicks, action, flips are brilliantly shown in the movie, which steals the show.

Neo’s back-bending techniques are excellent, and the creativity of the film overall is excellent. The speed of the actions done is incredible.

These scenes are so swift a clean that they would force you to watch it over and over again.

8) Star Wars: Episode 4: A New Hope (1977)

This film had fans from the very beginning. The comics and comedy have hit the show exceptionally well. This movie has several parts if we talk about the present time.

The humor that the movie has, is loved by the audiences all over the world which is why it is considered to be one of the most watched movies .Even the director nods and applauds the bloopers, which were shown with a loud hit and a sound effect. With this bunch of comedy, it makes the audiences to go over and watch the movie again for the hilarious moments.

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