15 Celebrities Who You Probably Didn’t Realize Wear Wigs



Wearing a wig is nothing weird and uncommon, but usually, we don’t consider it as a habit or fashionable routine, because the movies made us think that only sick people should wear them, or those who want to hide something, like their identity, for some bad reason. But, the truth is that many people find this hair addition very practical, especially if it’s made of natural hairs, which guarantees an attractive appearance, without people having clue that you wear something that’s not part of your body.

In the past, natural wigs were more expensive, and only wealthy and popular people could really afford them. Today, there are many sellers and manufacturers who are really using quality materials to make them, and you can visit this website, so you can clearly see what we are talking about. Would you be surprised if we tell you that many of your favorite popular figures are wearing wigs even in real-life? Do you know some of them too?

Here is our list:

1. Viola Davis


Being a successful actress doesn’t protect you from the mess your hair may cause. We’ve seen her natural-looking curls on many occasions, but in the popular TV-show “How to Get Away With Murder,” she was wearing wigs almost all the time. And she was doing that very well, so the fans didn’t even realize that it’s not her actual hairstyle.

2. Wendy Williams


She is another one successful and popular woman who is wearing them in real-life too because her problems with the thyroid gland made her hair much thinner. She is passionately talking about her hair addition in most of the interviews related to her looks.

3. Dolly Parton


The legendary country singer is known for her blonde curls, but most of the audience doesn’t have a clue about her wearing wigs all the time. In one interview, she said she is too busy to visit a hairstylist all the time, so they are her best solution to always look so classy.

4. Keira Knightley


She had to change her hairstyle very often for the roles, and that included dying, blow-drying, and using so many cosmetic products, which lead to major hair loss. So, for more than four years she is wearing a wig most of the time, letting her scalp to heal, and the hair to renew, so it can regrow healthier and shinier.

5. Gwen Stefani


We recognize the popular singer for her platinum blonde tone that looks perfect every time she appears on TV or on the stage. But, the truth is she is wearing a wig, even in the No Doubt days. Sometimes, she jokingly says she hasn’t seen her natural and real hair since childhood.

6. Katy Perry


The singer is changing her hairstyles from one occasion to another, and that includes short styles, curls, and different colors. That’s a lot, and even the best shampoo and hair mask can’t repair the damage, so if you think she is wearing wigs every now and then, you are absolutely right.

7. Ariana Grande


She always has her recognizable ponytail, but as you know, wearing it all the time may cause baldness over the forehead line, because it can be too heavy for the follicles and the weak hairs. Also, usual styling can also damage and destroy the hair, so the young singer is using wigs or hair parts to maintain her recognizable looks, but still protect the scalp.

8. Lady Gaga


This is not a secret. She is always extravagant and her looks usually attract a lot of attention. But, we all know that you can’t have a short bob style today, and wavy curls tomorrow. Also, Lady Gaga never hides the fact that her natural hair looks nothing like we see on the magazine covers, music videos, and gala appearances.

9. Chrissy Teigen


She also doesn’t hide the fact that she doesn’t rock her natural hair all the time. For the important events, she is choosing a wig that mimics her natural hairstyle and color, but it’s longer and more voluminous. In her Instagram stories, she is tagging hair extension stylist that is responsible for many celebrities’ looks through the years.

10. Selma Blair


Sadly, she has a very rare and dangerous condition that is causing her hair to fall. Also, she won’t give up until she needs to, and even though the pains cause too much trouble for her, and she can’t really go out and enjoy life, she is also using hair additions so she can at least maintain a natural and healthy look.

11. Emily Ratajkowski


The model wants to experiment with her looks, and the easiest and least painful way to do that is to change the wig every time she wants to. Also, Emily doesn’t hide that fact, since she is mentioning the hair extensions and additions in her photo descriptions.

12. Zendaya


She doesn’t have any particular problem she wants to hide or resolve – she just enjoys changing her looks, from natural curls to extreme red short bob styles.

13. Rachel McAdams


This may come as surprise to you, but yes, she is wearing a wig for almost every role in her career, including “Mean Girls”, “The Notebook”, and even the Oscar-winning “Spotlight“. She doesn’t want to change the hair color for the roles, so she can protect it from damage.

14. Sarah Hyland


The “Modern Family” star had kidney surgeries, and many therapies that included different types of medicines, that damaged her natural hair. She lost a lot of hair, and that’s the reason why she was wearing hair extensions and additions for her popular role.

15. Ashley Benson


While filming “Pretty Little Liars”, she needed to color her hair blonde, and that, as we know, is causing a lot of damage. Many fans saw a little difference in her style in some episodes, and she considers bleaching as a huge mistake, so the stylists turned to wigs, in order to protect what’s left from her hair.

There are a lot more of them who are trying to protect their natural hair from all those heat, dye, and styling products, because sometimes the damage can be really big, and very difficult to renew and repair.

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