How to get into Anime Video Games – 2021 Guide



If you love anime movies, including Dragon Ball, Pokémon, Naruto, and many others, you probably already know that a lot of them have a video game. Many people can’t see the difference between traditional and anime video games, but experienced gamers absolutely know why they prefer one kind over the other. For example, anime games are based on stories about friendship, love, family, but also on war and fights – there are plenty of them, and if you want to join this community, you have a lot of options to choose among.

If you are still not sure about this, we will recommend checking some anime games list, try some of them, see if you like the way they are developed, and so on. You can get back to your usual habits immediately if this is not for you. But, if you like it, then you are probably interested to play more of them. The good news is that they are available for almost every gaming platform, including PC, smartphone, or Play Station, Xbox, or other popular consoles. Also, the characters are carefully built, and the story is easy to follow. You only need to choose the platform or console, and buy your game, or download the trial version. It won’t take a lot of time until you get completely into anime gaming and storytelling.

Why are anime games so good?

Their origin is based mostly in Japan, and one of the reasons why are they so good is that the Japanese people will always celebrate and appreciate unique creations. That’s in their roots, their past, and their culture. The people who run this production are known as creators, and every creator can sell the copyrights, and turn their creativity into a movie or game.

As you can see, most of the world is focused on already established and well-known brands. You can see a lot of Disney adaptations to games, but also the popular Marvel or DC characters and many other video games inspired by popular culture figures. That’s not the case with the Japanese creators. They are inventing new stories, and develop every idea into a product. So, we can openly say that their market is based on uniqueness, storytelling, and great characters.

Surely, even the anime creators can establish a whole universe and make a franchise of it, but as you’ve seen, the base and origins are different, and the idea behind it too.

That’s only one of the reasons the general audience is starting to appreciate these products more and more, and choose them over everything else that is offered. In the beginning, they were known only in Japan, and small parts of the Asian gaming market. But, today’s technology is connecting people all around the world, and make all those products available and accessible.

The psychology of compatibility

Knowing all of those things we already mentioned in this article, you can suppose that you can easily relate to some story or character. Maybe that’s the purpose of the anime movies and games. They are designed to touch you, to invite you as a player, to find it compatible with your lifestyle, and grow together with you. The characters are based on real-life ordinary people, often inspired by some friends or family members, related to the developers. If it happens you find the matching and overlapping characteristics, you can easily get attached to some particular game or persona. That’s the psychological explanation why people will prefer anime once they try it.

The video gaming industry in Japan is getting bigger every day, and the quality of the products is improved over time. Sometimes Japanese may even think that their products are better than those who originate from the western culture, and they are partially right about that. But, we can’t jump to conclusions, and turn ourselves into judges, because everyone is choosing what they prefer most.

Attractive visual solutions

Maybe the proportions of the body and other objects around it are not compatible with reality, but anime wouldn’t be that interesting if things were just as usual. Japanese people pay attention to the visual effects and solutions, they put more color to the story, and don’t follow the trends blindly.

Also, can you imagine how high the level of imagination it requires for one game to be developed? Just think about all those characters, that you can’t even remember, but all of them have an important role in the game. That’s another proof of how big this market is, and that if you are interested, you only need to go for it, make a choice, and go with the flow.

If you are still reading this article, then the things are clear – you are already interested in anime video games, and you should try at least one of them, to see how it goes, and if you like the whole experience that comes with them.

Does it require additional equipment?

In most cases, you will only need the usual equipment to play these games, as the consoles, your phone, headphones, a good PC, a comfortable chair, and of course, a lot of knowledge about the basics and the background. Also, the skills are the same as every other possible online video activity you can have in the gaming world. The difference is, as we said, in the visual effects, characters, and the story around it.

Also, it’s pretty understandable if you want to stick to the usual choices. That’s why we have a lot of options, so we can choose the things we prefer, and that works the best for us. Anime is not for everyone. It has deep roots in Japanese history and literature, and also, sometimes is too much for the western cultures to embrace it and accept it. But, one thing is for sure – it’s “spreading” all around the world and it has a lot of loyal fans already. If you think you can be one of them, then it’s very simple – choose the game you love and become a part of the story.

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