Oscars Bingo: Everything We Expect To See At The 2021 Awards



It’s been a slightly different year when it comes to hit films and those that are lined up to win an Oscar. At present it’s unsure as to how the April event will be held, but one thing’s for sure, there will still be tears, bizarre speeches and even more bizarre outfits, whether on Zoom or in a studio.

Nomadland currently leads the list of Oscar contenders with the bookmakers, with The Trial of the Chicago 7 and Mank also hotly tipped in the Best Picture category, but no matter what the winner, what he category, we can always expect the same Oscars cliches to be reeled out.

While 2022 was the year of the likes of Nomadland and Mank, it was also the year of bingo, a game many actors have confessed to loving down the years, from the likes of Russell Crowe to Catherine Zeta-Jones and more. Bingo has grown immensely in popularity over the last 12 months, with the likes of Robinhoodbingo.com becoming one of the most trusted bingo sites around. We’ve certainly become big fans here over the last 12 months, which is why, ahead of the Oscars, we thought we’d explore exactly what would be suitable on an Oscars bingo card, whether it is held on Zoom or in a theatre…


Winner Cries

It perhaps goes without saying that we expect to see some crying, and perhaps this year more than most. It’d be the first square on any Oscars bingo card and one we’d expect to see first marked off too. There have been many blubbering speeches down the years, from Nicole Kidman’s 2003 speech after picking up Best Actress for The Hour, to Natalie Portman, Ben Affleck, Gwyneth Paltrow, and more.

Trump Gets Mentioned

He may have left the White House, but you can be sure Donald Trump will once again get his fair share of coverage through the art of the victory speech. Politics is never far from the lips of actors and we’re sure plenty will be sticking the boot in after Joe Biden’s victory in the Presidential Election.

A Winner’s Connection Gets Cut

A new entry for 2021 is an actor’s internet goes down during a speech. We all know the temperamental nature of Zoom calls and it seems inevitable somebody is going to get cut off while receiving their gong. We just hope it also leads to a rather funny image stuck on screen too.


A Winner “Hasn’t Prepared Anything”

It’s the age-old trick of trying to be modest, but it’s one that’s all too common. We know the game and if an actor claims they haven’t “prepared anything”, then we know deep down they have and they’d have been devastated if they lost. It goes on the bingo card, and we expect at least one mention of this in 2021.

Someone Wearing No Trousers

There’s always a joker among the pack at the Oscars and if much of it does take place over video, then we expect one gag in which a presenter or actor is dressed only from the waist up, only to reveal some snazzy underwear as they get up. It’s a gag destined to happen and may be the only opportunity anyone has to do it.

Winner Forgets To Thank Someone

You’d hate to be that person who gets missed off the thank you speech, but it happens way more often that you’d think. In the heat of the moment, those lines get forgotten in the speech and some poor director, cast member, or worse, family member is missed from a victory speech.

There have been many instances where a winner has forgotten to thank their partners, in particular, with Hilary Swank famously forgetting to thank husband Chad Lowe during her 2000 best actress speech, eventually thanking him five years later after winning the same gong for Million Dollar Baby.

Sean Penn has notably done this on two occasions too, while Emma Thompson failed to thank fellow actor and former husband Kenneth Branagh during her best actress speech in 1992.

Thank You Academy

They’ll always thank the Academy though, and you’ll be marking this one off on your card almost all night.

The Commercials

Of course, like the Super Bowl, a big part of the Oscars is the commercials too. Brands pay big bucks to showcase their products throughout the event, but they always follow a similar pattern. So, make sure you get your dabber at the ready for the following:

  • Car commercial
  • Perfume commercial
  • Alcohol commercial

Someone Gets Bleeped

No matter what year it is, someone always manages to let a naughty word slip and while the champagne won’t be flowing as fluidly as it perhaps would be in a theatre, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a potty-mouthed actor testing the event’s designated bleeper.

In 2011, Melissa Leo became the first person to use a swear word after winning best supporting actress and it made major news, as well as seeing the auditorium erupt with laughter. Many have since followed in her footsteps though across multiple awards events, with Christian Bale giving a particularly no-holds-barred speech during the 2019 Golden Globes.


A Political Point Gets Made

There will be plenty of mentions of Trump, but that won’t be the only political point made during the Oscars and it’s been a springboard for many to offer their views on how to make the world a better place.

From gender equality to gay rights, the environment and more, plenty will be looking to push these topics into the news agenda for the following weeks as stars look to use their power for good.

Someone Makes Fun Of A Hollywood Legend

Presenters and award presenters are always looking for a laugh and that usually involves making fun of some Hollywood stars. Plenty of legends have been roasted down the years, and that will certainly be the case again this year. But who will it be? Clooney? Pitt? Streep? We can be sure someone will be on the end of it.

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