The most beautiful and successful Mexican actresses



Latin-American series brought us passion, emotions, drama. Some of them are still being filmed with great intensity. They tell us stories about a distant land in which there is a big gap between the rich and the poor, where the maids are always simple and good, and the wealthy mothers do not allow their sons to marry the poor girls. One of the reasons people loved these series are also the actresses that usually took on the roles of these poor and good girls, and who almost always ended up in the embrace of her darlings. We have made a list of the most beautiful and most successful actresses who rose to fame in these series.

Angelique Boyer

Angelique Boyer is a Mexican actress and singer, born on July 4, 1988 in France. She gained popularity thanks to her role of Teresa in a popular telenovela. Her most famous roles were in: Lo Que la Vida Me Robo, Abismo de Pasion, Teresa.


Thalia, a Mexican actress, singer and songwriter, made her famous appearance in 1999 in the Latin American series “Rosalinda” where she played the lead role.She is on the list of the 25 most important Mexican musicians in history, as well as on the lists of the most influential Mexican stars in the last few decades.


MaitePerroni (35), actress and singer, was one of the most famous characters of the “Rebelde” series. Acting remained her profession, but her musical careerfollowed up too. The Mexican star looks better than ever!

Ana Brenda Contreras

Ana Brenda began her debut career in 2002 as a singer in the female band T’DeTila. The band fell aparteventually and Ana Brenda enrolledthe acting Academy. In 2005, Ernesto Alonso, director of the telenovela “Barrera de Amor”, gave the first opportunity to show his acting skills.

Sandra Echeverría

Sandra Echeverría is a Mexican actress and singer, born on December 11, 1984 in Mexico City.The actress, who began her career in the “Subete a mi Moto” series in 2002, became mostly famous for her role of Marina in Telemundo’s Marina TV series.

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