How to Stream Movies on Hulu outside the US?



Movies are a big part of our fun and time for relaxation. It is a side thing in our lives that is as important as sports, for instance. Families around the world are having movie nights and enjoying themselves every weekend or every several days. It is a neat thing and movies bring us together to a point where it is a part of our culture.

The most popular movie and web series platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu are leaders in the industry. Anything you need and anything you want is here and if it isn’t, you should be sure that it will be on as soon as possible. These broadcast a lot of content that subscribers can watch comfortably. When it comes to Hulu it is somewhat a different story when you try to watch it outside the area of the US.

It can be a big headache for those who have left the US. If you leave the US for some reason and want to watch the new series or movies released over Hulu one day, then this will be impossible. Getting access to Hulu is too difficult for those who are not from the US. It sounds unbelievable, but not entirely; there’s a way to watch Hulu abroad whether you want to stream live TV or catch up on the shows or movies. There you might have to proceed with some agreement regarding licensing, and you have to move at your own risk. All of these things seem a bit difficult at the beginning but when you read everything through and check out a tutorial online you will see that setting up is easier than you thought it will be.

Use a VPN

VPNs are not that of new technology but they play a huge role in our lives. The best thing about VPNs is the fact that they provide safety beyond belief. With it you can hide your real IP address and cover your traces, you can log onto any part of the world and have anyone interested in your online activities believe that you are in Holland, for instance, while you are safely browsing the internet in Texas, US. Thanks to the features like this, VPNs quickly became famous and soon after that people discovered that, as they can change the region they can also access the internet contents in that region that was previously forbidden. This is how many figured out to use VPNs for movie and TV shows streaming services and get access to most of them even if they are not registered or physically located in the US.

To access Hulu from abroad, and to utilize what we just stated, the best thing is to try out a VPN service with which you can manage everything utterly free without any risk. If you want a really good one then visit here. Utilizing any VPN is safe, and will not get you into any trouble at all. It will allow you to watch more than three thousand servers all around the world, plus get access to content out of your native region which is awesome as well.

It does not matter which VPN you use, and there’s a chance that Hulu will acknowledge that you as a user is having VPN and directly block you from the service but that is only temporary. If this happens to you, the only thing you need to do is change your current VPN and start watching your favourite series again. Sometimes this can be a bit of nuance but if you want access to show and streaming services all around the world for little to no money at all we all have to suffer a bit. If you are a magnet for bad luck you may not be able to reach the content of HULU for an entire day, but be persistent and try tomorrow, with a different VPN again.

Some VPNs come with specific limitations. Due to bandwidth caps, the users can hit the speed exceptionally well, and the streaming video becomes faster. Other VPNs have lower rates and bigger caps which limit the streaming time and lower the video quality. It will ruin your experience a bit but you will be able to access the content you wish.

How to watch Hulu with a VPN

When you pick any VPN, then sign in to the VPN service to watch Hulu from abroad. After that, select a US server, mostly VPNs should let to determine the location of the IP address. Remember, you have to get a Hulu account to watch anything from Hulu itself. Cost price for the Hulu platform is not that high; college students can get the brand plan for a couple of dollars only. To sign up for this platform, the user must be more than 18 years.

If you want to go with live TV, you will find more than 60 channels, and you have to pay a bit more than you would pay for the basic plan. If you’re going to add more media and streaming platforms, again, you have to spend more cash but hey, eventually it is all worth it. Besides this, there are no bigger complications with the Hulu platform, except the fact that Hulu sometimes blocks non-US credit cards, so if you already have an account set up in the US with their credit card and if you leave the States and try to set up another HULU account with your new credit card you will most likely be declined. Try to watch out for that and try to plan and open a new account or more before you leave and swap your cards.

Once you sign with it, you can easily access Hulu on plenty of different devices, including smart TV or game console-taking a look at the device consideration will help a lot.


Hulu is a leading platform for streaming movies and TV channels, although it is a bit limiting as you could see and read. If you are not in the US you will face issues getting the subscription for HULU as well as trying to watch it. The only solution is to arm yourself with a good VPN that will allow easy access to Hulu and keep you and your data safe.

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