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Nicolas Cage is an American actor and movie maker. He is best known for portraying roles in movies such as “National Treasure” and “Leaving Las Vegas.” What he is also known for is the fact that this top earner in Hollywood has blown his fortune in the most eccentric and extravagant way. So, you might be wondering how much is Nicolas Cage net worth in 2019. Here is everything there is to know about the Hollywood actor.

Early Life

Nicolas Kim Coppola was born on January 7, 1967 in Long Beach, California. He is the son of August Floyd Coppola and Joy Vogelsang. Cage is of Italian-German-Polish descent and was raised as a staunch Catholic. His uncle is Francis Ford Coppola, while his cousins are Sofia Coppola, Roman Coppola, and Gian-Carlo Coppola.

However, in order to avoid nepotism, he decided to change his last name to Cage, which was inspired by the Marvel Comics superhero Luke Cage. He studied at Beverly Hills High School and was interested in acting at a very young age. So, he dropped out of school and enrolled in the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television from where he graduated.

In his early 20s used to date Jenny Wright. He was later linked to Uma Thurman. From his relationship with Christina Fulton which lasted several years, Cage has a son, Weston Cage Coppola.


When it comes to marriage, Cage was married to Patricia Arquette from 1995 to 2001, Lisa Marie Presley from 2002 to 2004, to Alice Kim from 2004 to 2016 with whom he has a son, and he was married for whole 4 days to Erika Koike this year. He was even once engaged to Kristen Zang.


Nicolas Cage’s movie debut was in 1982 when he appeared in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” Then, the following year he appeared in “Valley Girl”, and replayed his role several years later in “Vampire Kiss.”

His biggest box-office hit was “National Treasure” in which he starred alongside Harvey Keitel and Jon Voight. Cage then starred in other films such as “Lord of War,” “The Weather Man,” “Too Tough to Die,” and “World Trade Center.”

2007 was an extremely successful year for Cage as he starred in “Ghost Rider,” “The Dresden Files” and its sequel, and “National Treasure: Book of Secrets.” After that came even more successful movie projects, including “Season of the Witch,” “Balthazar,” “Trespass,” “Seeking Justice,” “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” and “The Croods.”

Nicolas Cage Net Worth 2019

Once upon a time, Nicolas Cage used to have a net worth of $150 million. He accumulated his net worth from starring in box-office hits, such as “National Treasure,” “Gone in Sixty Seconds,” and “Windtalkers.” It was in the early 2000s when he started to make $20 million per movie and quickly amassed a fortune.

However, eccentric as he is, he made some quite bizarre purchases and his net worth quickly dropped. Thus, as of 2019, Nicolas Cage’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $25 million dollars.

How Did Nicolas Cage Blow US$150 Million?

If you have ever wondered about what is the most eccentric and extravagant way to blow millions of dollars, Nicolas Cage has the answer for you. He was once worth US$150 million and considered to be one of the top earners in Hollywood.

However, he couldn’t keep his fortune for long. Hence, he started doing some eccentric and expensive purchases. Some of his properties faced foreclosure. As a result, he owns the IRS US$6.3 million in property taxes.

With a net worth of US$25 million, Cage is working hard to pay off his debts. However, if you want to know about some of his craziest purchases, here is on what Nicolas Cage blew US$150 million.

Cage used to own 15 residences, including the infamous LaLaurie mansion in New Orleans which he bought for US$3.4 million. He also bought a US$25 million waterfront home in Newport Beach, a US$8.5 million abode in Las Vegas, and a US$15.7 million countryside estate in Newport.

He purchased two castles for US$10 million and US$2.3 million in Europe, as well as, a deserted island in the Bahamas for US$3 million.

Some of his most eccentric purchases include a nine-foot-tall burial tomb, shrunken pygmy heads from a cultural art exhibit, and a pet octopus.

What’s also interesting about Nicolas Cage is that he owns a Lamborghini, which used to belong to Prince Ali-Reza Pahlavi, the former prince of Iran.

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