5 Best Movies to Watch with Your Dorm Friends


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We know how tough student days can be. Okay, the irresponsible students do exist. They do not have the right to complain. If they are not willing to study the lessons they have actively, then things become complex because of their irresponsibility. Yet, even without that, the college days can be a tough challenge.

This especially counts when we talk about students that live in dorms. Some of them are thousands of miles far away from their home. They had to become grown-up persons at once. There is no one else who would clean their room, prepare them breakfast, and things like that. It can be quite tough when this type of change happens so fast. Yet, we believe it comes at the right moment. If you succeed to adapt properly, you will boost your character.

Anyway, spending time at the dorm is always quite fun. Indeed, you can’t stop working on things associated with your college. However, it might be good to sometimes forget about them and spend time with friends. For instance, if there is a big homework that you need to accomplish, you can sometimes ask someone to do it instead of you. Logically, we are not talking here about friends because they will want to spend time with you. The help you are looking for is online. Because of that, we recommend you visit au.edubirdie.com and see how exactly they can help you extend your free time a little. One of the ways to make your time more interesting is by watching movies. Indeed, you and your friends can organize parties in rooms (don’t be too loud), play some games, etc. However, when you do all those things, you will start looking for new ways to have fun. Despite that, watching movies is a great way to chill. Because of that, we would want to suggest the best movies to watch with your dorm friends.

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Old School

Well, this is one of the movies that all the college students will love. Here you can see some famous actors like Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, Luke Wilson, and Jeremy Piven.

The story of the movie is quite interesting. You will see three pals in their 30’s live out their glory days. They decided to join together and create a fraternity with an odd bunch. Logically, the movie becomes more interesting when they start experiencing some bumps along the way.

Revenge of the Nerds

Well, we do know that some students will quite like this movie. This especially counts if you are not irresponsible students. In other words, students that are “nerds” should check this movie.

The main actors in this movie are Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Ted McGinley, and Bernie Casey. A couple of nerds get evicted out of their dorms. This happens when a fraternity house gets burned down. Because of that, they need to find a new place to live. They are moving to a dumpy house because they do not have the other option. Because of that, other students are making fun of them every time they see them at college. Logically, they were not ready to accept that and they are starting to plan the revenge.


Okay, this movie will surely be interesting for every student. Even people that are not students would like. However, we do believe that this movie would be interesting to students that are not so responsible.

The main character in this movie is Justin Long. However, you will also see Blake Lively and Johan Hill in this movie. The movie itself talks about the student that can’t get the opportunity to start going to some college. He has been rejected over and over again from by different colleges. His parents were desperate because of that, and he realized he has to do something. Because of that, he god the craziest idea ever – he started his own University.

The first thing that he did was creating a website. After that, he added an address where the college should be stated. Finally, he wrote an engaging description and said only nice words about his University. Logically, he was not planning that other people will see that. Unfortunately for him, he got tons of students that were interested to study at his University.

The story sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Legally Blonde

Well, we believe that all blond girls will like this movie. However, the movie is not only limited to blond people. We believe all the students will love it because it is funny and silly.

Some of the actors that you will see here are Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, Matthew Davis, and Luke Wilson. The story of the movie goes around a bubbly and blonde college student. She is a love relationship with a guy that is soon entering Harvard Law. However, things start to become more complex for her in moments when he prepares himself to go. At once, he breaks up with her because she is “too blonde”. You know what this means. This was a tough moment for her and she decided to convince him that he is wrong. Logically, she wants to do that because she wants to win back his heart. Because of that, we invest a lot of strength to gain entrance into Harvard. The path to her goal is long and funny and we guarantee you will laugh a lot while watching.

Jump Street

What if one of your friends is an undercover agent? Well, it hard to believe that something like this will happen in real life. However, it is possible in the movies. More precisely, you can see something that if you watch Jump Street.

The movie happens in the sequel of 21 Jump Street. Two undercover agents got the task to enroll in college and act like they are youngsters. Logically, their main goal is to solve the crime. Still, many things happen while they are trying to achieve their plan.

The main actors in this movie are Johan Hill, Channing Tatum, and Ice Cube. Three of them make time-spending with friends in the dorm more interesting.

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