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People are constantly looking for ways to make their free time more entertaining. Logically, we have different tastes. Yet, there are some common things that we all like.

First of all, every person has two different choices. The first choice is to stay home and chill. Despite that, you can find a lot more entertainment outside of your home. Traveling is one of the ways to have fun and make some memories that you will remember for the rest of your life. Still, are you truly able to afford to travel constantly? Even if you have money, you won’t have time to travel to a different city or country for a couple of days. Because of that, many people decide on weekend camping. It is a great way to get away from the crowds and noise and have fun.

Let’s get back to the first option now. Which things exactly can you do at home and have fun? Well, social media are always one of the options. Still, chatting with friends that you see every day becomes boring sooner or later. However, watching a movie alone or with your partner/family members can be a quite relaxing activity.

Logically, finding the right movie to watch was always a tough challenge. For instance, you subscribe to Netflix and you spend 2 hours on movie research. After you don’t find anything, you give up and get back to your social media.

Well, we have one amazing idea to suggest. What if you can make a combination of these two activities? Have you ever watched a movie about camping? This is the right moment to do something like that. We would want to highlight some of the top movies about camping.

Yet, we are completely sure that the movies from our list will inspire you to start camping. For something like that, it is necessary to possess the necessary camping equipment. Do you possess gear like that at home? If not, we recommend you check here and find out more about the necessary equipment for camping.

Now, let’s move to the movie list.

The Blair Witch Project

Okay, we have to be honest and say that this movie might scare you a little. It may be a horror movie, but we are quite sure that you will like it. We suppose that you were many times in nature. How many times has happened that you heard a crackle or snap in the woods? The things become even scarier if you were there late in the night. Well, it is something that you can see in this movie.

We can see this movie is some kind of a pioneer of the “found footage” horror genre. The message of the movie is simple – “If you have some troubles while camping, keep in mind that things can always be worse.”

The Great Outdoors

This is the opposite film from the previous one. The tension and fear don’t exist here. It is a comedy that talks about camping on a Wisconsin lake. The main actors here are Dan Akroyd and John Candy.

We already mentioned that some troubles might happen while camping. Well, in this movie, you will see all of them. However, all those troubles are represented here in a fun and more light-hearted way. This includes everything from pesky neighboring campers to invading bears and raccoons.

You will laugh hard while watching the funny side of camping.

The Kings of Summer

This movie might be a bit nostalgic for the older people. Do you remember how many times you have run away from home as a child? Well, everything in this movie is around that “decision”. Even today, many kids want to be outdoors during the summer with their friends for the entire day. We can say that camping in nature seems like a great adventure today. Well, if you want to see how kids are handling all the camping troubles, this is the movie you should watch.

Into the Wild

Okay, this movie is a bit more serious. However, the amazing thing is that this movie is based on the true story of Christopher McCandless. He was a guy who wanted to replace his traditional post-graduate life and go to live independently in the wild of Alaska.

Well, this movie can also be a bit educational. First of all, how many times have you got sick of the crowds and noise? How many times have you wanted to go in the woods to live alone far away from everyone? Despite that, it is a movie that will tell you more about the camping gear that you should bring. Finally, the sense of adventure of the main character will inspire you to start camping actively.

Without a Paddle

This movie talks about three friends that went to the woods to chase a hidden treasure. However, the goal they have is not something that they can easily achieve. They will see the worst troubles that nature can bring to people.

This movie might be educational and useful for many reasons. However, it will be especially important to the campers. They will see which things can happen if they plan to camp somewhere deep in the woods. We do not want to say that you should be negative. However, you do need to get prepared with the necessary equipment and ensure your safeness.


People that have watched this movie until now surely won’t agree that this movie should be on the list. We assume that most people that watched it gave up from camping forever. However, you need to be aware that the movie is not the same as reality.

Still, you will see in the movie some amazing outdoor survival skills. One of the characters that possess those skills is Burt Reynolds (Lewis). Anyway, it is hard to believe that campers will experience things like in that movie. Yet, if something like this happens, you would be grateful to possess survival skills as the main character.

Man of the House

We assume that this movie is going to inspire many dads and sons to camp together. It will be quite nostalgic for people that were kids during the 90s when dad-son camping was one of the activities that were happening often.

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