Top 5 Movies about Blockchain & Cryptocurrency



Bitcoins and other crypto money are not new, and a lot of people have at least heard about them, especially after they took over the world a few years ago. Some people are good with the existence of this type of money and they are not interested in learning more, but there are also crypto enthusiasts who are ready to invest if they know how to start.

Of course, we can find a lot of essays and articles online, because blockchain and crypto coins are a popular topic for researchers and content writers in recent years. The first thing we need to learn about every market, including this one, is how to protect from scams, and articles and research we can find on can help us with that. Cryptos are also a part of the popular culture, inspiring a lot of writers to write scripts that later will be turned into movies and documentaries, following one of the most popular Internet topics in the world.

They were the inspiration for a few movies that choose this money as the main topic, such as:

  1. Crypto (2019)

This is a 2019 American movie about money laundering, starring Kurt Russell, Luke Hemsworth, Beau Knapp, and Alexis Bledel. It’s a crime thriller that also involves cryptocurrencies together with real money. The movie tells a story about a man named Martin who works in an anti-money laundering company and he finds out that one potential client doesn’t respect the rules and he kills the contract. His boss Robin saves him from firing, even though the chief wants him away from the company, and decides to move him to his hometown, where he reunites with Earl, who is into cryptocurrencies.

He also meets a girl, Katie, who works in a local gallery. His childhood friend is helping him to discover a money-laundering scheme there that leads them to a dangerous gang from Russia. Earl finds evidence that Robin is the head of this scheme and the employees in the gallery work for him. Then we discover that Katie is an FBI-agent who helps the investigation. In the end, Marty is mining cryptos and starts dating Katie (we never get to know her real name).

  1. Bitcoin: The End of the Money as We Know It (2015)

This is a documentary about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, compared to the fiat money. Everyone who is interested in this field, but finds it controversial, should watch this movie to understand better the aspects of the cryptocurrency market. People who watched it say it’s really good and informational, learning a lot about how the money system we know works and then meeting the blockchain technology. It’s also good for those who are aware that the current monetary system is not working well for the humankind, making them decide if it’s worth it to believe that crypto money will save the global finances.

  1. The Blockchain and Us (2017)

When this film was released, Bitcoin was hitting big prices, together with the other currencies. “The Blockchain and Us” is also a short documentary about the concept of sending and receiving digital money all around the world, without messing with local banks and governments. The documentary was screened at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Since the initial release, it’s been translated in a few world languages, including German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese. It’s also the first documentary about the blockchain and crypto money in general. The documentary features interviews with developers, cryptologists, entrepreneurs, authors, and politicians, making this topic understandable for all the people.

  1. Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain (2018)

This is a blockchain-related, but also a blockchain-funded documentary by Alex Winter, with Rosario Dawson as narrator’s voice. In the movie, people can find a lot of information on how blockchain is used by UNICEF to promote the rights of refugee children, but also to answer the question of why are banks terrified by the rise of cryptocurrencies. Winter also shows us how people are trying to overcome most of the financial inequalities using this technology and how it can help solve the world hunger problem.

  1. Banking on Bitcoin (2016)

This is another one Bitcoin-related documentary that shows the whole concept and the evolution of the cryptocurrencies. It’s directed by Christopher Cannucciari, starring a few Bitcoin adopters who started to invest and mine in the early years. The movie is also released on Netflix. Many people who are interested in the crypto market should watch it, so they can have a basic picture of what is happening with digital currencies, what are the risks, and how people can benefit from investing in them. The “stars” of this movie try to define how the blockchain will change our life and create a new path we wouldn’t be able to avoid in the future.

Bonus movie: The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (2014)

This is a documentary that features a lot of interviews with people and companies that helped to develop and expand Bitcoin. We can also say it’s the first crypto-inspired movie, following the life of Daniel Mross, who is a programmer who discovered Bitcoin in 2011. The producer, Nicholas Mross is his brother and they worked together to release this movie, making it as real as it’s possible. Their goal is to help the potential investors to educate better before they start this crypto-journey which is full of adventures, but also with dangerous situations.

We hope this list will help you not to hurry in Bitcoin investing. If you don’t like to read a lot of articles, watching these movies will help you understand better the whole concept behind the cryptocurrencies and how they are developed and established. The movies may not have artistic value, but they are surely useful and informational because they feature real stories told by real people who had struggles with this specific monetary field. Also, you can watch them even if you are not interested in investing, but only in the crypto market as an existence.

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